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Print Audit Facilities Manager

Print Audit Facilities Manager

Print Audit Facilities Manager is a powerful, easy to use tool designed to remotely collect meter
reads, automate supplies fulfillment and report service information for managing fleets of copiers,
printers, fax machines, and multi-function devices.
Print Audit is the ONLY print management company that has been given access to all of the major
office equipment manufacturers' device information. This gives Print Audit the most accurate scan
results in the industry.

Minimal software to install
periodic scans in the environment. The data is then sent to Print Audit and hosted on our servers
here so no additional information is written to the computer’s disk drives.
The Information Collection Engine is compatible with Internet proxy servers.

No personal information is collected or sent from Facilities Manager. Only the following information
is gathered and transmitted to Print Audit’s secure server:
 Printer name, make and model
 Location
 Serial number
 IP Address
 MAC Address
 Page Counts
 Toner levels
 Status / Alerts (e.g. out of paper, paper jam)
The Information Collection Engine creates the scan file in XML format and then encrypts it and
sends it to our secure server as zipped file. Click here to view a Sample Data file (the sample file is
the XML file in PDF format).