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Balanced Deployment • It is our opinion that no one single equipment manufacturer can cover all the basis of unique user requirements with their product range. • To this end we have adopted a strategy of “Balanced Deployment” where we will select certain products from our two main product ranges, based on your users’ unique requirements. • We supply these devices with all-inclusive cost per page maintenance agreements (with ORIGINAL toners and parts), thereby ensuring a managed and controlled environment. • We supply and support Develop mid- to high end MFP’s as well as entry- to mid level Lexmark MFP’s and printers.
PABX and Communication
IKON have a policy of only supplying products and solutions where the support is impeccible; to this end we have partnered with OculusIP and CBX-Tech as our preferred partner for PABX and Telephony solutions. We consult and advise on relevant technology applicable to the voice market in South Africa, focussing on the 3CX, Yealink, MyPBX and Alcatel-Lucent's range of voice products as well as various Switch options. Both OculusIP and CBX Tech offer a comprehensive service including design, installation and maintenance. Irrespective of the staff count of each business, communication (voice and data) remains the heartbeat of any company. We design cost effective solutions to cater for your mission critical communication needs
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