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YSoft SafeQ



YSoft SafeQ is a server that controls and distributes printing in networks supporting both MS Windows and Linux platforms.

Efficiently determining and distributing each print job, the YSoft SafeQ server secures full and complete control over the whole process of document production printing within any large to midsize governmental, educational, banking or insurance company. Because of the growing importance of utmost secure and efficient printing in any professional network environment, user credit check and accessibility guarantee are among the core functions of this intelligent accounting application.

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  • Authentication via MFP panel or smart cards
  • Complete copy, scan and print accounting integrated with YSoft SafeQ server applications
  • Displays job lists, job previews & print job information
  • Output control based on credit balance
  • Supports project accounting
  • Central management for all MFPs
  • Print and copy accounting
  • Central reporting system
  • Cluster support
  • Higher user convenience due to panel integrated operation
  • No need for external hardware terminals
  • Easy deployment with server-based management
  • Can be maintained without additional training or technicians
  • Replaces additional external accounting hardware such as copy terminals
  • Possibility of printing environment optimisation
  • Print volume reduction
  • Greater efficiency of the printing environment
  • Insight into costs for reprographic services
  • Secure and flexible printing